If you need to ask a technical or commercial question, select “Support” in the Control Panel. You will be redirected to the Support Home, where you can submit new tickets, respond to 3HCloud support’s questions, see your previous tickets and close the pending ones.

To submit new ticket:

  1. Press “Submit a request” button.

  2. Add emails of CC’ed users, who might be able to follow your ticket’s lifecycle.

  3. Add Subject and Description of the ticket.

  4. Optionally add Configuration and Task of the ticket.

  5. Press “Submit” button to send your ticket to 3HCloud support team.

To see the details of your ticket and manage it:

  1. In “My requests” tab chose the ticket and open its details.

  2. In opened form you can see tickets’s ID (it’s safe to provide this number to 3HCloud Support Team as an identificator of your request), name of assigned support engineer (if the engineer is already assigned to your ticket), messages, attachments, ticket’s status, date of creation, ticket’s CCs (if any).

  3. To send a message to Support Team write it in the “Your message” blank, press “Send” sign.

  4. To send an attachment to Support Team use the paperclip icon in the “Your message” blank, press “Send” sign.

  5. To close the ticket press “Close ticket” button on the right side of the page.

To see all of your tickets:

  1. In the Support Home page click on “My requests” button.

  2. In the opened form you can see your tickets in different statuses.

In case of accidental closure of the ticket or if the problem is not resolved, it is possible to return it to Open status.

To re-open solved ticket:

  1. In “My requests” tab chose the ticket and open its details.

  2. Write a new comment and send it using “Submit” button.

  3. The ticket’s status will change from “Solved” to “Open” automatically.