Floating IP addresses

Floating IP address is a static public IP address that allows to switch between virtual servers into internal subnets.

Floating IP addresses are the virtual servers only. If you need an IP address for the Colocation server then create a ticket to the technical department.

Creation a floating IP address

  1. In the Control Panel select “Cloud” and in the opened list select “Floating IP addresses”.

  2. Click the “Add” button.

  3. During the creation a floating IP address, first, it’s necessary to select the required region. The floating IP address will be available in all zones of the selected region. Available regions:

  • Warsaw, Poland;

  • Miami, USA;

  • Dallas, USA;

  • Manila, Philippines;

  • Almaty, Kazakhstan.

If a private external network does not exist in the selected region, the creation of a floating IP address will automatically trigger the establishment of one.

  1. In the “Description” section leave the note which specify the creation purpose of this floating IP address.


The cost of using a floating IP address is $3/month.

  1. Click “Add IP-address”.

  2. After the floating IP address has been created it’s necessary to add it to the virtual server. To do so click “More” on the required floating IP address and in the Server section select “Connect”.

  3. Select a virtual server that has an internal IP address from the list.


A floating IP address can only be connected with an IP address from the internal network.


The internal network should be connected to a router with access to the external Internet.

  1. Confirm the selected server by clicking “Connect”.

  2. Each floating IP address can be added a PTR record. PTR - comparison of the IP address and the domain name of the virtual server. In the PTR Record section click “Add record”, select the required domain and click “Save”.


The PTR record has to end with “.”