My images

An image is an exact copy of a disk’s file system and its contents. You can create boot disks from images and then deploy virtual servers from them.

Two types of images can be used to create a virtual server:

Ready images - images prepared in advance by 3HCloud specialists. For each of them the working environment was prepared, the necessary parameters were configured and the assembly was completed.

Own uploaded images - if you need an image to create a virtual server that is not in the list of ready ones then you can upload your own image in RAW format.

Creation a new image

  1. In the Control Panel go to “Cloud / My images”.

  2. Click the “Create” button.

  3. Specify a name for the image. It is acceptable to use letters of the Latin alphabet, numbers and symbols (within reasonable limits).

  4. Attach the image file by clicking the “Attach file” button. Expected format of the creating image: RAW.

  5. Select the region where you plan to subsequently create your virtual server. The image will be available in all zones of the selected region.

  • Warsaw, Poland;

  • Miami, USA;

  • Dallas, USA;

  • Manila, Philippines;

  • Almaty, Kazakhstan.

  1. To finish click the “Create image” button. The attached file will be uploaded to the temporary storage container and the uploaded file will be imported into the created image. The operation time depends on the speed of your computer’s Internet connection and the size of the downloaded file.

  2. Upon successful upload of the file the image will appear in the “Cloud” / “My images” section.

Create a virtual server using an image from “My images”

Creating a virtual server based on own image doesn’t differ from creating ordinary virtual server. The only difference is that one of the pre-added images is selected at the stage of operating system selection.

Delete image

  1. In the Control Panel go to “Cloud” / “My images”.

  2. For the selected image click on the down arrow button and select “Delete” from the drop-down list.

  3. Confirm the deletion of the image by clicking on “Confirm” In the window that appears.