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What is a dedicated server?


Dedicated server service is that the provider provides your site with a separate system. In other words, all computing resources of the server will be provided only to you and they do not need to be shared with other users. This solution is suitable for projects with intensive and constant traffic, as such sites require high computing power. Also on a dedicated server you can install any configuration and manage all system settings according to the needs of your business.

How does a dedicated server compare to other hosting types?

The main difference of a dedicated server from all the others is that the computing power of such systems is fully provided to one user or one company, rather than distributed among hundreds of services. Therefore, private servers are in great demand among large and medium-sized organizations.

Virtual Private Servers vs Dedicated Servers

Virtual private servers are a web project hosting service that combines shared hosting with separate hosting within it. In simple words, this type of server is suitable for medium-sized sites that do not meet with surges of large numbers of visitors. If your project is large and there are always traffic spikes, it is better to choose a physical dedicated server.

Cloud Hosting vs Dedicated Servers

Cloud hosting is a project hosting service that utilizes a virtual server. Compared to a separate server, cloud hosting boasts pre-installed tools for simplified configuration of your project. Also cloud hosting will please you with easy scalability of server resources to meet the needs of your product.

Advantages of a dedicated server

The network advantages of dedicated servers over public servers are striking. Such a solution opens up the following opportunities for the site:

  • Resilience to constant and intense user traffic;
  • Significant acceleration of work;
  • Full control over all server settings;
  • Scalability of permanent storage;
  • Utilization of professional security measures.

Handle Intensive Traffic Demands

Traffic jumps on your site are unpredictable and guaranteed, and public servers are not able to cope with them 100%. Dedicated servers in turn allow you to keep a reserve of computing power. Therefore, the use of such servers makes access to your project constant and stable.

Optimize Site Speed and Performance

Dedicated servers are provided to one company or one client, so that all its capacity is fully owned by the hosted project. In simple words, a dedicated server opens up the possibility of optimizing the time of constant functioning of your website.

Gain Full Server Control

When renting a permanent server, the client can customize it to their liking down to the smallest detail. This feature allows you to work out and optimize absolutely every aspect of your site. Public web hosts can't boast of this, so their consumers are limited to a number of tools.

Implement Advanced Security Measures

Working with sensitive data inside the persistent server is completely safe, as other users do not have access to it. So you don't have to worry about leaking your and your clients' data.

Increase Storage Space

Over time, each project requires more and more storage space. Individual servers often have separate plans that offer the option of individual SSDs.

What are some business uses for dedicated servers?

Most often, the servers mentioned above are used by projects with large amounts of information or sites with large influxes of users. For large organizations, uptime and security of data stored on the server is critical. Small organizations use the services of a private server much less often, as they require large investments at the start and provide so many computing resources that are simply not needed.

Dedicated Web Hosting Costs

The pricing of individual web hosting lies directly on the provider chosen, as well as the demand of your business and the length of the contract. Today, almost every provider offers an adequate price that is slightly higher than the cost of public hosting. It is recommended to choose exactly a controlled plan, as it opens in front of your project a specialized support team that helps in many problems. The cost of such a solution will be a little higher, but it is worth it.

Dedicated server use cases

Dedicated servers are considered one of the most powerful in their segment. Such systems are suitable for deploying large and medium-sized projects and even full-fledged applications. They are used for a variety of purposes, from creating a global infrastructure for content delivery to interacting with a large database.

Disadvantage of Private Cloud: Management

Of course, there are plenty of strengths to a single cloud, but don't forget about the weaknesses. Such a system is not flawless for all organizations. It's all about controlling the private cloud, which will require large investments. First of all, it concerns the search for narrowly focused specialists in IT to customize the server. All this requires a lot of finances, which are invested even at the start.

Who Should Choose Dedicated Servers?

For small web projects with a limited budget, shared servers are best. A dedicated server will be an excellent choice when you have planned to host a large project that is prone to unforeseen spikes in visits.

Dedicated Server Frequently Asked Questions

How does a dedicated server work?

Consumers pay rent for server hardware. This list includes the CPU, amount and type of RAM and permanent storage. Responsibilities are shared between the client and the hosting provider depending on the type of server: unmanaged and managed.

What can you do with a dedicated server?

In simple terms, a single server is the backbone of the Internet. It can be used for almost any purpose, such as hosting online stores or applications.

Is a dedicated server worth it?

More than. Dedicated servers are hugely popular among large projects, such as websites with customized configurations. Such servers are the best solution for complex and unique tasks.

What is a dedicated server used for?

If you have your own website with a large number of regular visitors and scalability, then a dedicated server will be the best choice. Such servers are considered to be an ideal solution for tasks with narrowly focused requirements.

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