Product digest quarter 1


We actively develop our products adding new features to provide the most convenient and robust service for growing businesses. Since the beginning of this year, we have added loads of new stuff — networks, locations, images, and much more!

New Cloud Locations: Almaty and Miami

No matter where your business operates, we've got you covered worldwide: Enterprise cloud servers are now accessible in the Almaty region, with GPU configurations available in Miami.

Product digest quarter 1

User Friendly Interface

The virtual server creation page now features a new, modern design. The order of choosing parameters changed, making the virtual machine creation process faster and more convenient. At the end of the page, you'll find a detailed description of the selected configuration with a breakdown of the price, allowing for an accurate forecast of the total server cost per month and per hour.

New Service: Direct Connect

Enhance your capabilities by directly connecting your office or data center to 3HCloud equipment. Direct Connect provides isolated connectivity and enables seamless infrastructure scaling based on your business requirements: additional computing resources in the cloud or within your data center infrastructure.

Network Updates

3HCloud private external networks now allow you to create ports and allocate public (white) IP addresses for each network. Furthermore, configuring internet network speeds has become more flexible — you can now set speed limits for cloud and data center networks without incurring additional charges.

OS Updates

To support the most modern and stable application versions, we have added updated versions of operating systems: Debian 12.4 and Fedora 39 images are now available in your personal account.

All the updates and enhancements are available in your personal account.

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