VLANs help to build an easily scalable infrastructure and to optimize broadcast traffic.

For distributed infrastructure

VLANs connect computing resources and help build a reliable, secure, and easily scalable infrastructure in data centers.


Cloud, dedicated or hosted servers connection to private networks at the speeds up to 80 Gb/s.


Each virtual network is a logically isolated L2 segment (VLAN) with a single broadcast domain.


The ability to individually set the network access speed on each server from 100 Mb/s to 20 Gb/s.


Set up the built-in feature of the settings issuance (DHCP) or use your own services.


The entire network is built using VxLAN technology, automated and has an excess redundancy.

Private Networks

Free Service

Private network is an absolutely free service between all of the data centers in the same region.


The entire network in data centers is built on Clos fabric architectural basis with full redundancy.

Easy to manage

Create and flexibly configure networks for your business goals using simple web-interface or API.

Traffic optimization

Split traffic between different networks and this will reduce broadcasting and decrease application latency.

Work across regions

Consolidation of resources from different regions enhances the capabilities and reliability of your applications.

More opportunities

DNS Management Service

Allows to create and manage the DNS records, names and zones throw user's account and API

Cloud Firewall

Stateful Firewall with traffic inspection allows to enhance the protection from malicious attack

Virtual Router

Allows to connect different networks within the region, flexibly configure routing rulesets, NAT


Simple interface of creating and storing the settings. Backups are located on a separate data storage system