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Which Cloud Services Are Used by Well-Known Companies?


Cloud services are a very important tool for businesses that provide large companies with availability, scalability, and flexibility. Such services are used by large brands to store important information, process information easily, and deploy software.

Why do large companies prefer to store information in the cloud?

Modern cloud storage has an excellent level of security and enormous storage capabilities. That is why cloud services in 2023 are closely used by global companies. The list of main features of such storage includes:

  • A huge variety of innovative tools: Cloud services offer brands not only reliable storage but also many other possibilities. That is why such services are multifunctional and allow for innovative solutions.
  • Savings: Storing all the information in the cloud is trivially cheaper than buying servers and maintaining them. Cloud storage offers users actual payment for the volume used (pay-as-you-go).
  • Responsiveness: Deploying applications in cloud storage is a very simple and fast process, as the developers of such services offer several tools and templates.

The above-mentioned strengths of cloud services are incredibly important for large companies. Today, most brands are abandoning physical servers, thereby saving a lot of time and money. With cloud storage, companies can concentrate on developing and improving their product.

What cloud services popular companies use

3HCloud S3 Object Storage
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In 2023, the field of cloud storage has become more understandable for ordinary people, which has had a significant impact on the number of such services. A couple of years ago, this storage method was viewed with skepticism, as intruders could easily gain access to personal data.

Nowadays, the security of cloud storage has greatly improved. This is why large companies have begun to move all information and storage to the cloud. Some of the most popular brands using cloud storage include:

  • Netflix - AWS: Popular streaming service stores video and audio content on Amazon Web Services.
  • Airbnb - AWS: user data storage and quality content scaling.
  • Adobe - AWS: Deploy and develop cloud-based programs and services.
  • Coca-Cola - Azure: Creating and scaling digital solutions and marketing moves.

What cloud service does Apple use

When it comes to such a giant as Apple, the security and reliability of cloud storage comes to the forefront. That is why this brand uses its cloud service, iCloud. This solution allows you to get the highest level of security and adjust the storage to your own needs.

Why cloud services will replace physical servers

There are very few large companies left that use physical servers. Many brands are turning to popular cloud storage, and some are creating their own, such as Google and Apple. Either way, however, the trend is moving to cloud storage.

Storing and working with information in the cloud is convenient. Technology has only recently emerged and has rapidly improved to incredible proportions. In the coming years, it's safe to say that all brands, even the smallest ones, will move to cloud storage.

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