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New features and tariffs

We strive to keep improving our services to help you grow your business. That's why we have implemented several useful changes to make your interaction with networks more transparent and convenient.

Personal External Networks

Efficiently control your external network through your personal account. You can configure it within the Networks section or during the initial setup of your server.

Every virtual server linked to the external network will be assigned a paid IPv4, incurring a monthly charge of $3 starting from February 1. Until then, take advantage of the new networks at no cost!

As we introduce new resources connected to external networks with IPv4 addresses, your existing resources keep functioning as usual while gradually migrating to the new format.

Free Routers From February 1st

Connecting to an external network will now only incur charges for IPv4 addresses. Enjoy complimentary routers starting from February 1st.

Managing External Ports

Easily manage your virtual machine's ports by disconnecting or relocating them. The IPv4 address remains intact and continues to incur charges until you delete it on the Ports page.

Data usage statistics and monitoring

Experience enhanced visibility into your network traffic with our new Internet section. It displays detailed graphs of data usage for the entire region, as well as for each individual network. Additionally, you can leverage the number of networks and manage the speed limits for each one. You can already access and utilize these insights, with charges applicable according to the following guidelines starting February 1.

Region-Based Throughput

Each region has a fixed throughput, allowing free usage within it for networks with Internet access. Special conditions may apply for increasing this throughput, simply reach out to our support service for assistance.

We monitor traffic hourly, and for every 1 Mb/s (inbound or outbound) exceeding the allocated throughput, charge the rate in your specific regions. All the rates will be available in your personal account.

If you have any questions, please create a ticket in your personal account - our technical support is ready to help.

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