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Why are cloud servers more profitable?


Cloud services play an important role in the hosting infrastructure of most modern businesses. It's perhaps one of the most important items in your monthly IT budget, so it's important to understand its cost.

How much does a cloud server cost?

Monthly pricing for 3HCloud cloud servers starts at $3 per month for a small server with 1 GiB of RAM, and 1 CPU core. This price increases based on the amount of storage, bandwidth, processor cores, and memory the server requires. A cloud server with 128 GiB of RAM, 2 TB of storage, and 24 processor cores cost from $424 per month. However, most businesses set up multiple smaller cloud servers that perform separate functions.

How are cloud servers billed?

The advantage of cloud servers is that they are charged by the hour, so you only pay for the resources you need at the time. If your server runs for eight hours and then goes down, you only pay for the time you need and no more.

Another advantage of cloud servers is that you can scale up at any time, instantly. Unlike dedicated servers, where you have to plan months or years in advance to use the resources, cloud servers allow you to save money because you only pay for the plan you need now.

Are cloud servers more expensive than other servers?

Yes, cloud servers are usually more expensive than the equivalent resources of a VPS server. This is because cloud hosting resources are considered highly available and efficient, and all components of a cloud server, such as CPU, storage and network, are redundant.

This means that if a node hosting your cloud server goes down, its resources are automatically moved to a new node, reducing downtime.

This also offsets some of the rising cost of cloud servers by not having to pay for resources you don't use, and many people increase redundancy by creating multiple cloud server instances instead of a single point of failure on a dedicated node.

Is cloud cheaper than a dedicated server?

Cloud servers are cheaper than dedicated servers, with the cheapest cloud plans starting at USD 3 per month, while dedicated servers typically start at USD 40 per month. With a dedicated server, you pay the same monthly fee regardless of whether the resources are used or not. With cloud infrastructure, you only pay for what you need at the time, either per hour or per month.

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Why are cloud servers more profitable?

Other Cloud Costs to Consider

Other costs may apply, such as servers in the cloud:

  • Managed Services. Managed services are ideal for mission-critical applications because they allow you to monitor server availability and perform managed server maintenance tasks for a fixed monthly fee.
  • Operating System Costs: Microsoft Windows server license fees should be included in server costs when considering costs.
  • Backup Storage: For as little as $35/month, servers can be backed up to the cloud using a reliable cloud backup infrastructure.

Getting Started With A Cloud Server

Now that you know more about the cost of a cloud server, find out more about 3HCloud other hosting options.

You need help choosing GPU, simple vCPU cloud server and more? Book a free consultation. We can help you find the best server at the best price.

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