DNS zones

DNS is a hierarchical distributed database allowing to store IP-addresses and other data as well as view information concerning DNS names.

DNS zones allow to publish zones and records to DNS without own DNS servers deploy.

Creation a DNS zone

  1. In the Control Panel go to the “Cloud” / “DNS zones” section.

  2. Next, click the “Create” button.

  3. Specify the name of the zone.


The zone name has to end with ‘.’

  1. In the parameters of the created zone it is necessary to select the zone type Primary, specify the TTL (3600 by default) and the Email to contact with the owner of the zone.

  2. In the Description section leave the note of the created zone.

  3. Click “Create Zone”.

Change DNS zone

  1. The created DNS zone will appear in the “Cloud” / “DNS zones” section.

  2. To make changes click “More” on the required zone.

  3. Information about the selected zone will open where it is possible to:

  • change zone data;

  • view DNS records of the zone;

  • delete zone.


Currently DNS zones only support SOA and NS records. The functionality of adding DNS records currently is in the process of development. To add any record contact support.