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What are bare metal servers and how do I use them?


Empty metal servers are defined physical drives that are allocated to the specific needs of one client or company. These servers cannot be accessed by other users, which distinguishes this storage method from conventional shared hosting. The prefix "Empty" is assigned to these servers for the reason that they have no pre-downloaded software and operating system. Thus, the client has full access to the server and can adjust it to their own needs.

Why is an empty metal server better than other storage methods?

The bare metal server service has only recently begun to gain popularity and few people are aware of it. However, this method of storing information has a number of advantages, such as:

  • The flexibility of regulation: Full access to the server allows the client to configure it for any task, even in the smallest details. For example, any operating system and software can be installed, or the network settings can be adjusted for specific processes.
  • Reliability: only one user has access to an empty metal server, so there is no way for confidential information to leak. Using this kind of data storage it is impossible to face failures due to high user traffic.
  • High performance: Empty metal servers stand out for their performance, which allows you to work even with the most complex projects. Absolutely all server resources are available only to one user, that is what makes them so powerful.

The main feature of bare metal servers is their method of use. When one server is available to only one client, the possibilities in its operation are incredible. Such a solution will be more expensive than general cloud servers, but in other aspects it is not inferior.

Often empty metal servers have a real value for large companies that work with large amounts of data, requiring large computing power. However, it is not uncommon for medium and small businesses to choose this solution for maximum reliability and the ability to develop in the future.

Examples of empty metal server applications

Today, empty metal servers are used in several instances and are an indispensable method of storing and handling information for certain businesses. A list of examples of empty metal server uses include:

  • Web hosting: ordinary users and entire organizations can use an empty metal server as a hosting solution for their applications and websites. This solution will allow full control over the resources and servers as a whole, which opens up a lot of possibilities and incredible performance to the user.
  • Computing clusters: the use of large computing resources is inherent in certain tasks, such as scientific research. Several empty metal servers can be grouped into clusters to handle multiple tasks and speed up computing in general.
  • Large databases: an empty metal server can serve to store and operate large databases of large companies. Such a solution will provide proper capacity for any request for data manipulation.

What is the performance of a single empty metal server?

Each bare metal server has an individual capacity, which depends on its technical component. However, there are several factors that affect the final performance of a server. Among them, the most significant are considered the processor, RAM, hard drive, network connectivity, optimization and load.

How reliable are bare metal servers?

If we consider empty metal servers in terms of their reliability, these indicators are at a very high level. Safety of each server is considered from several factors, namely: physical security, data backup, reliability of equipment, technical support, network infrastructure.

It is worth noting that high reliability is not inherent in all empty metal servers. Much of the security of the individual server depends on the quality of the relevant service provider. That is why it is recommended to check the selected provider, its reviews and duration of existence on the market. This way you can avoid the risks associated with low security of an empty metal server.

What kind of security do metal servers have?

Every provider that provides empty metal servers is constantly improving their security. This process consists of many factors, namely:

  1. Working on data backup and recovery capabilities
  2. Continuous monitoring of failures, hacking attempts and other incidents
  3. Decent protection against malware
  4. Physical security of servers and proper maintenance
  5. Network security, firewall, VPN, IDS and IPS

The set of measures mentioned above should be carried out with the utmost care, which will provide the servers with a high level of protection. The most popular metal server providers pay the most attention to this point, which makes their services more reliable. However, before making a final decision, it is worth reading the reviews and reputation of the selected provider.

Are Bare Metal Servers the Right Fit?

Ultimately, bare metal servers are a great solution for handling large projects, storing sensitive information, and other complex data-intensive processes. If your project requires high performance, flexibility, security and high load support, then metal servers will be a lifesaver.

It should be noted that it takes highly specialized skills and a lot of time to fully configure and further manage a bare metal server. If you do not have the proper knowledge, then this task should be given to a professional. Otherwise, a poorly configured metal server will not be able to unlock its functionality, which will lead to errors and other difficulties while performing daily tasks.


Empty metal servers are necessary for large companies and for working with complex processes. As of 2023, the market for metal servers is quite diverse, but this service has not yet gained much publicity. That is why it is necessary to choose a provider slowly, initially making the necessary requirements for your tasks.

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