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3HCloud Product Digest 2023

Throughout this year, 3HCloud team has dedicated efforts to enhance our services, and this Product Digest 2023 outlines the key updates. Check out the new features and gain fresh experience with our cloud servers!

Internet Stats Section

A new section in your personal account – Internet. It displays detailed graphs of data usage for the entire region, as well as for each individual network. Additionally you can leverage the number of networks and manage the speed limits for each one, which enables informed decision-making to optimize network performance.

New Cloud Networks

Now each client will have personal external networks and will be able to create a necessary number of ports with public IP addresses. You can easily manage them, disconnect from a virtual machine and move to another one.

New Regions: Dallas and Manila

Explore our latest cloud regions, Dallas and Manila, strategically positioned to offer advanced data center capabilities, low-latency connections, and proximity advantages. These regions empower businesses with the flexibility to deploy geographically optimized solutions.

Updated Volume Types

Expanding the range of volume types for the cloud and infrastructure services helps to optimize performance, customize solutions for diverse workloads, and achieve cost efficiency through tailored configurations.

GPU Configurations Available

Carefully crafted for handling multiple tasks at once (parallel processing), tackling complex calculations, and speeding up work in areas like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and graphics rendering. Make sure your system is ready for top-notch performance and innovation.

Coming soon: S3 Object Storage Release

Store data of any size and format effortlessly with our service. Enjoy high availability, seamless S3 API support, and only pay for the space you use. Object storage effortlessly handles vast amounts of data in its native format with speed, simplicity, and top-notch security.

We're dedicated to making your 2023 cloud experience exceptional! For any questions or clarifications, our support team is ready to assist.

Thank you for choosing us as your cloud server provider!

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3HCloud team

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