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Best Server Processors to use in 2023


What is a Processor?

The processor is the brain of any computer system, including the server. It is engaged in processing information and the execution of all incoming instructions. Therefore, the power and performance of the server significantly affects the performance of the entire server, so saving on the "brain" is strongly discouraged.

Intel processors

All processors from Intel are categorized into:

  • Pentium;
  • Core;
  • Celeron.

Each has many models of processors that are designed to perform certain types of tasks.

AMD processors

AMD is considered to be an equally popular processor manufacturer. It offers the following processor series: Phenom, Sempron and Athlon.

Xeon Features

Xeon processors are characterized by a number of features, such as a large number of cores, high clock speeds and support for ECC memory.

Ryzen Features

Ryzen series processors have two main advantages, namely high thread count and low price. These factors make the products of this family an excellent solution for limited budgets.

Ryzen processor

What is the purpose of the server?

Servers are systems that serve other devices. Therefore, computing power is incredibly important in this regard. Small businesses can make the fatal mistake of spending all their capital on expensive components. It is best to purchase new server parts as needed and as the needs of the organization increase.

Comparisons of Server CPU Processors

Today's CPU market is divided into two types, namely Intel Xeon and AMD Ryzen. Each of these CPUs is capable of meeting all sorts of needs of any enterprise. They have no fundamental differences. However, as practice shows Intel Xeon is more often purchased for corporate servers, and Ryzer is more often purchased for home servers and small organizations.

What factors to consider when buying processors for servers?

There are a number of basic criteria to consider when selecting a processor. They are universal and apply to all manufacturers' products. Let's understand them in detail.


Each processor has cores, which are processing units. They are designed to execute instructions from a single computational job. When a processor has multiple cores, it is actually several separate processors that are connected into a single integrated circuit.

Clock speed

The clock frequency is considered to be an indicator of the speed at which cores process computational tasks. The higher the index, the faster the speed. Therefore, for demanding processes, it is recommended to focus on the clock speed.


One of the most important parameters of any server, as the number of threads indicates the number of tasks it can perform in parallel. It is best to choose products with multi-threading technology and a large number of cores.


Significantly increases processor power by preventing multiple accesses to information storage. Among the most common types of geocaches found are L1, L2 and L3.


While the processor is considered the brain, the motherboard is rightfully called the heart of the system. It houses all the components of the server.

Best Server processors

Intel Xeon Processor

Cloud Servers
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These processors belong to the top-level configuration, which is often equipped with powerful servers. Xeon technology is similar to Intel Core, but in many ways it is more advanced. The mentioned processors are characterized by high capacity and high power.

AMD Threadripper 3995WX

This processor belongs to the latest super processor from AMD, which has earned huge popularity in the market. It is highlighted by 64 cores and 128 pokas, as well as 2 terabytes of memory. This model is often installed in powerful servers as it has excellent value for money.

Intel Core i9-10900kf Processor

The best processor in its segment belongs to the 10th generation. It appeared on the market back in the second quarter of 2020. It has 10 cores and 20 threads, and is characterized by a base frequency of 3.70 gigahertz.

Intel Core i9-10980XE

A powerful processor from a renowned company that belongs to the X series. It is considered the most popular in terms of mass operation. It is a processor with 18 cores and a base frequency of 3.0 gigahertz. It is capable of supporting 256 gigabytes of memory.

AMD Threadripper 3970X

The processor, which belongs to the Ryzen family from the famous company, was released in 2019. Became particularly popular among special effects artists and designers. Features 32 cores and a maximum clock speed of 4.50 gigahertz.

Intel Xeon Gold 6238T

In technical terms, this processor has 22 cores of high-performance server microprocessors. It has become popular among the server industry due to its excellent price-performance ratio.

AMD Ryzen 9 5950X

A processor designed for servers, which stands out for its tremendous performance. It is very popular among authors and gamers, as its maximum clock speed reaches 4.90 gigahertz, and the total number of cores is 16.

AMD Ryzen 9 5900X

High-performance model with 12 cores and 24 threads. Features multiple configurations and a maximum clock speed of 4800 megahertz.

Intel Core i9-10900K

It belongs to the category of low-performance processors with 10 cores. Its clock frequency reaches 8.30 gigahertz, and the number of threads is 20.

Intel Core i9-11950H

The latest processor, featuring 10-nanometer lithography with a maximum clock speed of 5000 megahertz.


By studying this material you can learn all the information you need to know when choosing a server processor. This component is very important for any system, so we strongly recommend not to skimp on it. Be sure to consider your business needs and budget before making a final purchase decision.

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