Cloud storage with high availability and guaranteed performance.

High reliability and performance

The safety and availability of customers’ data is our priority. For this reason, we use reliable and resilient Tier-1 HPE 3PAR StoreServ storage systems.

High availability

Fail-safe external storage usage provides the possibility of online data migration between the servers.

Dedicated volumes

Each virtual disk is a separate isolated volume on the storage system with its own set of rules.

Fibre Channel

SAN networking protocol in the cloud guaranteeing reliability with minimal network costs.

Low Latency

Using ALL Flash systems with larger cache sizes provides an average response time of 0.4 ms.

Advantages of
Cloud volumes

Quick and easy

Connect cloud volumes to your cloud or bare-metal servers, change size or plan at any time when needed.

Hourly billing

Only allocated resources are charged - every hour is charged according to the model 672 hours per month.

Flexible rates

A large choice of price plans allows you to find the right one to solve your business task and not to overpay.

High reliability

HPE 3PAR 8450 4N TIER 1 storage provides 99.99999% SLA-validated storage reliability. Rest assured that your data is safe.

Isolated network

Two independent Fibre Channel SAN networks provide reliable and fast access to the disks on the storage.


Flexible options for choosing an SSD will allow your business to choose the necessary parameters for storing and processing data of any volume.

Choose disk's size
5 000 GiB
16 GiB 16 000 GiB
SSD Lite
1 000 IOPS
100 MB/s
/ month
$0 / hour
Price per 1 GiB
$0.010 / month
SSD Start
2 500 IOPS
200 MB/s
/ month
$0 / hour
Price per 1 GiB
$0.020 / month
SSD Smart
5 000 IOPS
300 MB/s
/ month
$0 / hour
Price per 1 GiB
$0.030 / month
10 000 IOPS
500 MB/s
/ month
$0 / hour
Price per 1 GiB
$0.050 / month
SSD Ultra
25 000 IOPS
750 MB/s
/ month
$0 / hour
Price per 1 GiB
$0.100 / month

GiB - Gibibyte is a unit of information measure used in computing. 1 GiB = 10243 bites.
IOPS - number of input/output disk operations per one second.
MB/s - volume bandwidth settings. Megabites per second.

More opportunities

Simple Backups

Simple and convenient interface for configuring creation and storage rules. Backups are located on a separate storage

Connected SSDs

External fastest capacity connection for cloud and bare-metal servers via Fibre Channel at 16 Gb/s speed.

Customer ISO

Download and store your own images to quickly create virtual machines with the settings you want

S3 Object Storage

Expand your capabilities with Object Storage resources. Local round-trip traffic is free.


  • — Trial period up to 14 days
  • — Reliable Hi-End infrastructure
  • — Pay only for allocated resources